Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Part 1

At No Hassle Hearing, we are known for our top-rated bluetooth hearing aids, which are revolutionizing the daily lives of those with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. Long gone are the days of fighting with your hearing aids, trying hopelessly to get them to stay on and never finding the right setting to balance out your surroundings. No longer do you have to take your hearing aids out when you enter a loud room or fumble endlessly with the tiny, out-of-sight volume controls. A new era of hearing technology is upon us in the form of digital hearing aids — are you ready to ditch your old pair and get onboard?

We know, you love your old hearing aids. Or maybe you don’t love them, but you aren’t sure you’re ready to part ways quite yet. Sure, they can be a pain at times, but you know how they function and you’re used to troubleshooting when they stop working. Perhaps you don’t mind having to reach back and adjust the volume whenever your environment changes, and maybe you’ve mastered the technique of discreetly removing them when no one is looking.

The reality is, those days are over. With bluetooth hearing aids, you don’t have to be uncomfortable, frustrated, or ashamed about your hearing loss anymore. Rather, new technological advancements in hearing technology have made it possible for you to be satisfied, and even excited, about your hearing aids. Don’t believe us? Here are a few benefits of bluetooth hearing aids!

Higher Sound Quality

It’s no surprise that bluetooth hearing aids would provide better sound quality than traditional makes and models do. But what’s fascinating is that many of them come equipped with surround sound processors, noise blocking systems, tinnitus maskers, and other internal components that greatly increase the quality of sound you hear. Rather than being separate parts, each of these pieces work together to create a near-perfect hearing solution for those with hearing loss.

What’s more, bluetooth hearing aids also come with far more channels than traditional models do, which exponentially increases the range of frequencies you can hear. Bluetooth hearing aids also come with a greater number of bands, or volume intervals, than traditional models do, giving you more control over the volume of your hearing aids at certain frequencies. When combined with a wide range of channels that divide these frequencies into sections for processing, these elements of bluetooth hearing aids work together to provide better sound quality and allow you to adjust your hearing range at a much more precise level.


Aside from the better sound quality, another main benefit of bluetooth hearing aids is the added convenience they provide. Unlike traditional hearing aids that require you to physically reach behind your ear and turn the volume dial, bluetooth hearing aids eradicate the hassle altogether. Rather than messing with the volume on your hearing aids until it’s good enough, bluetooth hearing aids pair with your smart device and can be controlled with an app via the intelligent switch. Simply pull out your iPhone or Android and tap the volume until it’s just right.

Not only can you control the volume of bluetooth hearing aids from your phone, but you can also select presets that are specifically programmed for different environments. Some of these settings include those for the outdoors, restaurants, quiet places, and even sleep. Like with the volume adjuster, all you need to do to select a preset is open your app and tap the one you want. It’s everything you need to effectively adjust the volume of your hearing aids — no fumbling, no guesswork, no frustration.

As it turns out, the convenience of bluetooth hearing aids goes far beyond volume control. Having your hearing aids connected to your smart device via bluetooth also allows for them to double as top-quality headphones, which is a fantastic way for those with hearing loss to listen to their favorite music. And in many cases, the quality of sound is even better than a person with normal hearing would get with noise-cancelling headphones. Not only that, but the bluetooth mechanism also makes it possible for you to talk on the phone through your hearing aids, eliminating the need for you to remove your hearing aids or hold the phone away from your ear as you listen.

Invest In Bluetooth Hearing Aids From No Hassle Hearing

Obviously, there are many other benefits of bluetooth hearing aids than the high sound quality and convenience they provide for the wearer, which we will go in-depth about in part two of this blog series. Until then, browse our selection of Alpha 9, Alpha 5, and Alpha 3 bluetooth hearing aids online, and contact us today if you have any questions. Trust us when we say it’s worth it, and that there is no easier way to live a normal life with hearing loss than to invest in a pair of bluetooth hearing aids!