Benefits Of Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Part 2

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you already know how bluetooth hearing aids offer far better sound quality and convenience than traditional hearing aids do. At No Hassle Hearing, our digital hearing aids come equipped with many channels, bands, and programs, as well as an instantaneous noise blocking system, a built-in tinnitus maker, a surround sound processor, and more. Not only does this combination of built-in technology make bluetooth hearing aids an incredibly worthwhile upgrade in terms of sound quality and ease of use, but the smart device pairing feature adds a whole new element of convenience to an otherwise tedious and cumbersome hearing solution.

As if you needed more reasons to invest in a pair of bluetooth hearing aids, we’ve got plenty more for you to consider. With them, the possibilities are nearly endless for the hard of hearing, and many will tell you that getting rid of their old pair and upgrading to a bluetooth model was the best decision they ever made. We, as an industry, have never been closer to closing the gap between what those with normal hearing and the hearing impaired can accomplish on a daily basis — and No Hassle Hearing is the leader of that industry.

At this point, you might be wondering what more there is to bluetooth hearing aids. Sure, they have great sound quality, can be controlled through an app on your phone, and can pair with other smart devices like your bluetooth music device or smart TV. But what about their customizability? How can they benefit you as an individual with a specific kind of hearing loss? The good news is that bluetooth hearing aids can be programmed to serve your unique needs.


We know better than anyone that no one’s ears are the same — in fact, they are all quite different. Audible frequencies, or pitches, vary from person to person and ear to ear, creating a need for each and every hearing aid to be fully customizable. If you have asymmetrical bilateral hearing loss, for example, and one of your ears is noticeably worse than the other, you can program each hearing aid separately to accommodate the volume level needed for each ear.

This, of course, still works with the intelligent switch discussed in part one of this blog series, meaning that you can program each hearing aid individually and not have it messed up when you switch presets. That’s one of the amazing things about new hearing technology; many bluetooth hearing aids “remember” the volume you programmed for each hearing aid and adjust them accordingly when you tap the restaurant, outdoor, or other preset button on your mobile app.


Remember what we mentioned in the last post about bluetooth hearing aids pairing with your iPhone, Android, smart TV, or any other smart device? Not only does this allow you to talk on the phone, listen to music, or watch TV without having to take out your hearing aids, but it also eliminates the need for you to disconnect your bluetooth pairing when you get a phone call if you are using the same smart device.

Say you’re watching Netflix or listening to music on your phone and someone calls you, for example. With bluetooth hearing aids, your entertainment will automatically be paused and replaced with the incoming call screen and ringtone, which you can then answer, talk, and hang up without having to switch devices or programs. This is a major advancement in hearing aid technology, as the need to remove or adjust hearing aids for these tasks used to be quite bothersome.

In addition to their smart device pairing and volume adjusting capabilities, most bluetooth hearing aids also come with a low battery signal that is visible from the app. There, you’ll also find information about your hearing aids, such as the different presets you can choose for different environments, smart device pairing options, and more. It’s all part of the incredibly intelligent mechanism that is bluetooth hearing aids.

Get Bluetooth Hearing Aids From No Hassle Hearing

We hope you have enjoyed this short blog series about the benefits of bluetooth hearing aids, and will consider them when it’s time for an upgrade. Our hearing specialists at No Hassle Hearing understand how such a revolutionary idea as bluetooth hearing aids could be intimidating, but it is well worth the investment. That’s why we offer best in class, advanced, and budget options — we believe that everyone should be able to afford the right to hear.

At No Hassle Hearing, we take great pride in making the lives of those with hearing impairments easier and more enjoyable, and in many cases, the key to a better quality of life is technology. So give yourself a break from the hassle of programming, adjusting, and taking traditional hearing aids in and out for phone calls, movies, in-person conversations, and other daily tasks. Make your life easier with bluetooth hearing aids from No Hassle Hearing today!