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FREE Programming of your

InnerScope Hearing Technologies prides themselves on offering the BEST possible hearing solution to there customers.  That is why we are offering a FREE Initial Programming of the Hearing Devices to your specific Hearing Loss.  To do this, we will need a VALID Audiogram that is signed off by one of the following a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Audiologist, Doctor of Audiology (A.uD), or a Ear Nose Throat Doctor.

The Process is VERY EASY, complete your purchase by picking your product, and completing the CHECKOUT process.  On the Checkout page, you will be able to upload your Audiogram to your order.  We can accept the following file types, PDF, JPG, PNG, WORD DOC.

If you don't have your audiogram by the time of purchase, no worries.  You can always upload the document within 5 days from checkout, by logging into your account on and uploading the file to your order.

WE don't require an audiogram, if you don't to upload the audiogram.  We will give the hearing device a very common hearing profile, that will fit most individuals. The devices are also fully controlled by the Apple and Android APP.  You will be able to turn the device up and down as well as changing programs.