State-of-the-Art 100% Digital Technology – Automatic Adjustments to Changing Environments

As you know, computers are behind many recent advances in medical science. In the field of hearing care, the immense power of the computer is being used every step of the way. InnerScope Hearing Technologies on our website offers you today’s innovative 100% digital hearing aids that work like mini-computers. They give you not only an accurate fitting but better sound quality, as well. In addition, 100% digital hearing aids can significantly reduce — or even eliminate — that annoying whistling. Here are some of the many features available with today’s state-of-the-art hearing instruments.

Automatic sound processing — Incoming sounds are constantly analyzed to amplify soft sounds while reducing unwanted background noise, for greater comfort.

Directional speech detector (DSD) — Monitors sound levels in noisy environments and automatically adjusts reception so you hear speech as clearly as possible.

Feedback cancellation — Can actually cancel out whistling and other annoying signals before they occur, so feedback (or “whistling”) virtually disappears.

Multiple situations — Innovative hearing aid technologies can now let you listen differently depending on the situation, such as listening to music, watching television or enjoying a family party.

Open-fit hearing aids — These hearing aids are extremely small and discreet and provide outstanding sound quality and performance without “plugging up” your ear. Open-fit hearing aids can virtually eliminate feedback and the annoying “barrel effect” while greatly improving hearing in noisy situations.

Latest in Receiver-in-the-Canal Technology – Creating a Natural Hearing Experience

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RICs) have two major parts: A case behind the ear holds the hearing aid’s amplifier and microphone, while a small ear piece that contains the speaker (known as the ‘receiver’) sits inside the ear canal. A small tube connects the receiver to the case. Receiver-in-canal hearing aids can be very well suited to people with a wide range of hearing loss.

For individuals with mild to Severe hearing loss, RIC hearing aids allow the customer to have an “Open Fit” device in the ear canal so that low-frequency sounds can enter the ear naturally, while other frequencies can be amplified through the hearing aid. Customers with RIC devices often report a more natural sound and a BETTER overall experience, making them a good option for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RICs) are also considered the SMALLEST Hearing Aids that are placed behind the ears.

Easy-to-USE & Maintain

InnerScope hearing aids are made to do the work for you. Automatic features like speech enhancers and feedback cancellation work to help you concentrate on the sounds you need to hear. So whether it’s dinner at a noisy restaurant or a leisurely walk in a park, your hearing aids will determine what’s best for you to hear.

Taking care of your hearing aids only takes a couple minutes each day. That’s because InnerScope hearing aids are designed to be easy to handle and maintain. Special power saving features also allow for longer battery life and more time between changes.

Team of Experts available for your Call

InnerScope Hearing Technology employees a TEAM of Experts including the Founders of the company that has a combined hearing industry experience of over a 100 years.

We have a team of customers service representatives and hearing instrument specialists, that will be ready to handle any concerns or help you might need. InnerScope Feels this is more a Journey to Better Hearing, then just a transaction.

Exceptional Comfort

When most people read the word “comfort” they initially think of how something will feel. As you can see InnerScope feels it’s just one small aspect of it, in fact, most of our customers forget they are even wearing hearing aids.

Comfort can also mean how good the sound quality is as well as how inconspicuous the hearing aid is when you’re in a large group. Bring back the confidence and quality of life you once had by taking the steps today to see how a hearing aid can positively impact you.

6, 12, 18, & 24 Month No Interest Financing Plans available

InnerScope Hearing Technologies has partnered with to offer our customers the Easiest and MOST affordable financing plans for all of our hearing aids.

These financing plans include 6, 12, 18, & 24 Month 0% interest. *Interest rates subject to approval.


To Answer your FINAL Question: Why Choose InnerScope?

The difference isn’t just about the incredible quality, or the Fantastic Customer Service from our TEAM of Experts but it’s also about the price. InnerScope can deliver all these benefits at a fraction of the cost of other high-end devices on the market today, InnerScope delivers an equal, if not better, Journey to Better Hearing then the Traditional Brick and Mortar Audiological Practice.